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Truck Driver Recruitment: Attracting Millennials

Truck Driver Recruitment: Attracting Millennials

According to the American Trucking Associations (ATA), the US hit a record high truck driver shortage of 80,000 in 2021. This highlights the necessity for new recruitment strategies that tap into new talent pools. As the average US truck driver age is now over 45-years old, recruiters should look to millennials to ensure the industry's future. Here's how to get them onboard.

Rewards and benefits

To attract millennials, it's essential to showcase clear rewards and benefits to being a truck driver. Unlike previous generations, Millennials are unlikely to stick at one job, especially if they dislike it. Providing wellness benefits and other job perks is a great way to show millennials that their hard work as truck drivers would pay off.

Online marketing

The days of receiving job interest via word of mouth only are over. Recruiters must implement a solid online marketing strategy to target millennials. It's likely that most millennials haven't considered truck driving as a career, so campaigns must showcase the benefit of entering the industry over others.

Offer outstanding work-life balance

Especially after the recent pandemic, millennials are now more interested in work-life balance over other work benefits, such as pay and career progression. Most families are also dual-income earners, so millennials will put importance on having time off to help take care of their families. Companies should also look to implementing stronger WiFi services and better connectivity to ensure drivers can stay connected to their families on long-haul journeys.

Provide attractive salaries

With many industries competing for top talent, it's essential to provide good entry-level pay packages to attract millennials to the industry. They also want to see a clear salary progression that will reward them for loyalty and hard work.

Showcase purpose

Creating a purposeful work environment is massively important for all employees. Millennials especially want to see that their work means something. A great way to do this is to ensure companies showcase the importance of truck driving work.

Positive work environment

Creating the right culture is also essential to attracting millennials to truck driving. This can be achieved through continuous training opportunities, company events, and having a clear mission statement with shared values.

An updated interview process

Interviewing millennials the right way is essential. They will judge the entire career based on how the recruiter sells it. Since many haven't considered this type of work, and some might even think it's an unhealthy industry, recruiters must have a solid interview process. It needs to disparage any perceived negatives to truck driving.

Benefits of Hiring Millennials

There are various benefits to hiring millennials as truck drivers that recruiters should consider:

  • Millennials can provide a fresh perspective to the industry and bring new ideas to the table.

  • They're tech-savvy and are better equipped to handle new technologies.

  • Millennials are loyal and highly motivated to do a good job when doing purposeful


  • They are flexible and can quickly adapt to new situations.

To conclude, it's important to remember that the truck driving industry has an aging population. Hiring millennials will give the sector a new lease of life and help reduce future truck driver shortages.