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Top Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Truck Drivers

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Truck Drivers

Truck driver recruiters in the US have the important job of reducing the country's ongoing truck driver shortage. The American Trucking Associations (ATA) estimates that the truck driver shortage could reach 160,000 drivers by 2030. Therefore, recruiters must avoid these common mistakes to ensure they're attracting the best possible talent.

Not implementing a proper screening and interview process

Given how difficult it can be to find suitable drivers, it might be easy to forgo any proper screening steps and hire the first person that applies for the job. This is, in fact, a common mistake that only solves problems in the short term. Unsuitable workers often quit after a short period or leave companies due to differences in operational methods.

Recruits must screen candidates and conduct formal interviews to ensure the prospective driver fits the company culture and believes its mission statement.

Not following up within a reasonable timeframe

Once recruiters find suitable candidates, it's crucial to follow-up calls and stay connected to show interest. Drivers are more likely to choose the recruiter that makes them feel valued. Following up also allows the candidate to ask questions and for the recruiter to identify any issues.

Identifying these issues early allows the recruiter to find a solution and get the driver onboarded quicker.

Not marketing to the right candidate

Truck driver recruiters shouldn't fall for the trap of only promoting positions on local job boards. With the right marketing campaign, they can access a wider pool of talent and specifically target a set of drivers that fit the company ethos.

Marketing campaigns are also a great way to showcase the benefits of entering a truck driver career since many potential candidates have never thought about joining the industry.

Not providing clear progression opportunities

Employees are more likely to work hard and reach company targets if there's a clear progression. Without a clear goal, drivers might feel like their job has no purpose, which often leads to poor performance and high turnovers.

Providing details on great progression opportunities during the recruitment phase will attract a wider pool of talented drivers and ensure they stay for the foreseeable future.

Not looking to new demographics

Since the industry desperately needs new drivers to meet demand, recruiters must start looking to new demographics to find candidates. For example, the average truck driver's age is now over 45-years old. So, targeting millennials and gen-z candidates can be a great way to inject new talent into the industry.

Also, according to the ATA, women only make up 7% of truck drivers in the country. This highlights a substantial demographic of untapped potential.

Not offering competitive packages

If recruiters cannot sell a competitive package, it's unlikely that they will attract top talent. It's also harder to attract new candidates who would likely choose other industries that provide a better home life. To counter this, companies should actively look to offer competitive salaries and a range of other benefits, such as great vacation and healthcare packages.